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2020 🦠 Big Easy

In the end, 2020 was a year of fabulous returns for capital. Sit back and led the Central Banks prop up all that you own,

MMT, Covid and Implications

The Financial crisis of 2008 was not such a big shock. It seemed that way, but it wasn’t even close to the scale of destruction

Reading the Economy In Covid

For now, it seems to me that GDP forecasts simply don’t represent what we are going thru. I think of it as an interrupted race.

Why Is Peer To Peer Lending Underrated?

Peer-to-peer lending has soared in popularity in recent years as a way for savers to generate inflation-beating returns, but many people are still in the

Never Underestimate The Influence Of P2P Lending

The unprecedented penetration of internet across the globe that is allowing borrowers to seek funds is propelling the global peer-to-peer lending (P2P) market. Technological advancements