2b Capital Ltd is a London based family office focused on investments in private credit, typically in the consumer finance space and credit related Fintech.


incorporated 2b Capital Ltd in 2017 to focus on the origination of, and investment in, High Yield Credit assets. We target high risk adjusted returns, and are willing to take risks typically associated with hi teen gross yields.

Debt is our mainstay investment – typically structured credit and mezzanine lending to the lenders and challenger banks that have emerged post GFC to fill the void left by traditional banks. We also invest in equity, usually as relates to promising investments in the Fintech space and often related to  debt deals or interest in such.  

2b Capital is a family office, set up after 25 years in markets at JPMorgan and Credit Suisse. I loved my time at JPM, mostly in markets; at CS, I learned more about credit than I ever wanted to know… I ran Credit Suisse’s Global Securities through the crisis, and later the Investment bank globally. To fill in some free time, I was the CEO for all of Europe and a member of the Credit Suisse Group Executive Board.

Fun as that was, I decided to leave banking in 2015, after the appointment of the new CEO. And it turns out that finance is much more interesting outside of a big bank. 

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Gaël de Boissard